In the timber industry, timber measurement is often inaccurate and very time consuming. Timbeter is an innovative solution that enables to measure the size of a log pile quickly and accurately. The measurement can be done in minutes using a smart device. The person measuring the pile needs to take a picture and the application shows the size of the pile. The application enables to measure the surface area of a pile even if the pile has an irregular shape. Timbeter has 2 measurement options: pile measurement and panorama measurement (for extra large piles up to 100m) . This solution also has a warehouse module that gives an up-to-date overview of the warehouse and different measurements that have been made. The data is stored in a cloud service and can be easily analyzed or forwarded. In addition, Timbeter can be integrated with the internal systems of a company, like CRM, bookkeeping; payroll or ERP; having a significant effect to sales, logistics planning and reporting.

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