It has been another incredible year here at Timbeter. We have been to 7 different countries, pitching and winning at numerous events, launched globally and our user base continues to grow. So at this year’s end I wanted to share with you our year in numbers and how we are going to build on that success for 2017.
First a big thank you to all our clients, cooperation partners, friends and supporters; who’ve made this year a great one!

1# Timbeter released worldwide

In March 2016 Timbeter was released worldwide, empowering every country to digitally measure timber. Timbeter incorporated the following formulae to calculate timber volume:

  • Cylindrical formula
  • JAS
  • GOST
  • Doyle Log Scale
  • International ¼ rule
  • Roy Log Rule
  • Scribner Decimal C Rule
  • Ontario Scaler’s Rule
  • Lithuanian formula
  • A. Nilson (Estonian) formula

2# New feature for pulp-and fuelwood measurements

Timbeter developed a new functionality for automatic pile density coefficient assessment to measure the volume of pulp-and fuelwood. Measurement of pulp-and fuelwood has always been a vague area, often creating disagreements between parties. None of the earlier pulpwood measurement methods have been quick, cheap and controllable at the same time. Timbeter finally solved this issue.

3# Renewal on the contract with the Estonian State Forest Management Centre.

Timbeter and RMK signed an agreement in October, with the goal that all Estonian State Forest Management Centre truck drivers use Timbeter to determine the pile density coefficient for pulp-and fuelwood. The data from Timbeter is forwarded to e-waybill and digital proof is available on every measurement.

The logistics manager has a real-time overview of all measurements and assortments moving on the road. This process enables not only the correct and control pile density coefficient but also minimizes disputes. It prevents situations, where a stronger party dictates the pile density coefficient and the subsequent weaker party cannot disagree for the sake of losing cooperation and custom. Transparent measurement then, not only increases mutual trust between the partners, but provides accurate tracking and better safety for trucks on the road. Furthermore, digital information enables increased multifunctional data for better tracking and reporting.

4# Legalization of photo-optical timber measurement in Lithuania

In November the Lithuanian government passed a law permitting digital photometric measurements as the method to determine timber volumes. Hence, Lithuania is the first country in the world to make this change in legislation to adopt technology similar to what Timbeter represents.

5# Start of certification in Germany

Timbeter cooperated with a committee called “Holzvermessung” that started the process of creating the terms and conditions of what future particulars are required to certify digital photometric measurements. Their goal is similar to Lithuania’s to legalize the digital photo optic measurement that can also be used for payments.

6# New markets

Timbeter warmly welcomed new clients from Australia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium and Japan! 

7# Winning more awards!

Timbeter won the Pitch at Palace Estonia competition and went on to the Global event in London, UK where we spoke with HRH The Duke of York about how Timbeter is changing the timber industry on transparent timber management, illegal logging and increasing cost efficiency for companies worldwide. We’ll be following up with his global network to expose Timbeter to newer markets.

Timbeter also won the first Estonian SMART Woodworking 24h Hackathon in November.

8# 5,000 app downloads!

On the 15th December Timbeter reached an important milestone, we had our 5,000th app download, demonstrating our app is gaining in popularity.
2017 and beyond!

For 2017 Timbeter will continue to operate with state governments on how best to govern the industry, promoting digitization where necessary. We shall be heading to the USA again and enhance our features to provide an even better, and easier user experience.

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Happy Holidays!