Timbeter Pricing

Timbeter has several payment options depending on how many pictures you require. (Everybody receives 10 FREE pictures).

Need unlimited photos and to unlock your companies potential with Timbeter? Then complete the form below for a monthly subscription quote!

Monthly subscription per device

  • Unlimited measurements;
  • Diameter, pile-density, truck and pile measurement;
  • Panorama measurement for large piles;
  • Storage module for data; management with reporting and active storage status functionalities;
  • Functionality for log-counting and re-measurement in the storage module;
  • Unlimited number of storage users with access management;
  • Customizable species, qualities, assortments and culls;
  • Unlimited number of storages; 
  • On-boarding support;
  • Software updates;
  • Support via e-mail and phone during working hours;

Enterprise license 

In addition to a Monthly Subscription:

  • Unlimited number of devices;
  • Unlimited measurements;
  • Integration possibility via API;
  • 24/7 Support via e-mail, phone, Skype or Intercom with a 2-hour response time during working hours and 4 hours during weekends and holidays;
  • Upon annual commitment: 4 days user training and onboarding support, on-site+ process analysis and reporting;
  • 50 custom development hours per year;

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