Timbeter Pricing

Timbeter has several payment options depending on how many pictures you require. (Everybody receives 10 FREE pictures). You can choose between the picture-based package or the monthly subscription with unlimited measurements.

Monthly subscription per device

  • Unlimited measurements;
  • Diameter, pile-density, truck and pile measurement;
  • Panorama measurement for large piles;
  • Storage module for data; management with reporting and active storage status functionalities;
  • Functionality for log-counting and re-measurement in the storage module;
  • Unlimited number of storage users with access management;
  • Customizable species, qualities, assortments and culls;
  • Unlimited number of storages; 
  • On-boarding support;
  • Software updates;
  • Support via e-mail and phone during working hours;

Enterprise license (100+ devices)

In addition to a Monthly Subscription:

  • Unlimited number of devices;
  • Unlimited measurements;
  • Integration possibility via API;
  • 24/7 Support via e-mail, phone, Skype or Intercom with a 2-hour response time during working hours and 4 hours during weekends and holidays;
  • Upon annual commitment: 4 days user training and onboarding support, on-site+ process analysis and reporting;
  • 50 custom development hours per year;

For a monthly subscription complete the form below.

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Picture-based packages

Complete the form below for a monthly/enterprise subscription: