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10 common fears of using Timbeter

10 common fears of using Timbeter


Timbeter as a company started off in 2013 because simply there was no tool available […]

From North to South - Timbeter's perspectives on exhibitions for the forestry sector

From North to South – Timbeter’s perspectives on exhibitions for the forestry sector


In our quest to share best practice within the forestry industry and to introduce Timbeter […]

An Uncomplicated Guide to Density

An Uncomplicated Guide to Density


Whilst speaking to potential prospects and customers, one fascinating question always rises: how will the […]

Connecting Devices – An Easy Guide


Whether you’re a novice or a Timbeter power user, several of our users still experience […]

Timbeter New Website

Why we decided we needed a fresh look


Today we are happy to announce that our new websites , so that we are […]

Cord & Stere in regards to Firewood & Pulpwood


There are a variety of log scaling methods in the world, meaning that there are […]

10 most common reasons why you can fail in using Timbeter


Timbeter is an innovative tool, but to get the maximum benefit out of it, you […]

Perpectives for the Brazilian forestry market in 2018


Understanding the Brazilian forest market is a fascinating way of understanding how the economy in […]

Estonia and Lithuania are the forerunners of digitalization of State forests


More control, less disputes State forests are usually on the seller’s side and, therefore, it […]