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Different ways how to measure trucks with Timbeter


There are multiple ways on how to measure timber on trucks. Our team provides an […]

Loading logs on trucks? Meet Timbeter’s loading tool


From the field to the factory, during the measurement process, wood advances through several stages […]

No hidden fees, get to know Timbeter’s price list


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Timbeter now uses QR codes as reference


Timbeter released the QR code detection functionality more than a year ago. Thanks to this, […]

Why AI is appropriate


Humans have a unique ability to solve new problems that arise. However, some tasks are […]

What to expect from the forestry industry in 2019


The year 2019 started at strong for the most prominent global industries. Moreover, it could […]

Timbeter in 2018 - new markets, improved detection, more users

Timbeter in 2018 – new markets, improved detection, more users


The year 2018 is nearly finished and it is time to look back to see […]

How to Measure Pulpwood with Timbeter


As we have said before here and here, pulpwood has a great utility value and […]

Semion Smolyak from Red October: “The price for having a digital proof is not high at all”


To celebrate Timbeter’s 5th birthday, Semion Smolyak, IT Specialist from Russian timber company Red October, […]