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Get to know the most used tree species on Timbeter


Did you know that Timbeter can measure all types of roundwood, has 12 tree species […]

Reference – what is it and why this is needed


When it comes to supporting our users, many of them ask us a simple, but […]

Timbeter can be used in much more fields than you think


In this article, we are glad to share the observations and feedback regarding the use […]

You are either digital or manual, no middle way


Even though I’ve been running a startup for the timber industry for more than five […]

Why you should be using Timbeter’s storage module


Timbeter is a solution that consists of 2 parts: the application for measuring timber and […]

Georgia Exports Company: “Using Timbeter equals in significant cost savings”


Despite the turbulent times, Georgia Exports Company has grown and expanded its activity on log […]

“Thanks to Timbeter, we lose less money”


“Thanks to Timbeter, we lose less money due to the logs being under required diameters”Timbeter […]

Diameter functionality – what’s in it?


As you probably might know already, one of the main Timbeter’s functionalities is to detect […]

Humans can measure 200 logs per hour. Timbeter can measure 280.000


Log detection algorithm now 2.5x to 3.5x faster than before Detects 280.000 logs per hour […]