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5 reasons why you should start using Timbeter right now


Have you ever wondered if all the measuring work was easier? Faster? More reliable? We […]

Everything you wanted to know about wooden poles

Everything you wanted to know about wooden poles


Since the first uses of telegraphs, wooden poles are an essential part of the urban […]

Why is Hoppus so popular around the world?


Is there a formula more popular in the tropical regions than Hoppus? Many would say […]

Ever wondered how Timbeter detects the log surface area?

Ever wondered how Timbeter detects the log surface area?


As we wrote previously, Timbeter utilizes a machine learning and computerized vision to detect logs. […]

GOST and JAS formulas, what's the difference between them?

GOST and JAS formulas, what’s the difference between them?


We have written about different measurement formulas earlier in our blog. This time, we concentrate […]

Truck measurement with Timbeter: a quick guide


Do you want to know the real volume of logs carried by your trucks? Alternatively, […]

Smartphones – choosing the best device for using Timbeter


Users ask us about what specific smartphones and tablets should have before they start using […]

Easy guide to using Timbeter’s pile measurement


Timbeter provides an effortless solution for pile measurement. Our solution automatically detects the surface of […]

Timbeter Container is the obvious solution for all stevedore and marshaling companies.


Timbeter Container saves time on logs measurement and does the paperwork for you. We have […]