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6 Awesome Ways You Can Use Timbeter More Effectively


Timber measurement can be complicated. Different log scaling formulas, bark factor, misshapen logs are merely […]

iOS and Android developer needed to help lumberjacks!


We are looking for an iOS and Android developer! Or even someone who can do […]

Timbeter Storage Module Contains Ground Breaking Tools


The team and I are thrilled to announce some pioneering features contained in the Timbeter […]

Measuring Timber in Containers


Did you know that you can use Timbeter to measure logs in a container? The […]

Timbeter New Website Launch


The team and I are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website! Read […]

Why is precise digital timber measurement important?


Sometimes it is good to remind why we started developing Timbeter at the first place. […]

Comparison of different log scaling formulas


We’ve already talked about different measurement formulas in one of the blog-posts earlier. There is a wide […]

We renewed Timbeter! What’s different compared to the last version?


Based on the feedback and experience of many users we have been working on Timbeter’s […]

Pulpwood measurement methods explained


Hereby I will explain the problematics related to pulp-and fuelwood measurement. Timbeter has developed new […]