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Field trip to exchange experiences on the use of Timbeter in Costa Rica


Exchanging experiences on how the use of Artificial Intelligence can contribute to sustainable and responsible […]

The New Forests Company: Timbeter supports stock control and third party auditing


The New Forests Company is a sustainable, socially responsible forestry and timber products business with plantations in […]

Density functionality has been released for iOS devices as part of a new update


Density measurement has been released for iOS devices as part of a new update, available […]

How the correct measurement of fuel wood will increase the efficiency of your operations


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How to add a new device to an existing account


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Your inventories; quickly and easy with Timbeter


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6 Questions You May Have When Using Timbeter Effectively


Timber measurement can be complicated. Different log scaling formulas, bark factor, misshapen logs are merely […]

FIEG signs partnership with Timbeter to modernize industrial timber measurement processes in the State of Goiás, Brazil


The Federation of Industries of the State of Goiás (FIEG) starts a partnership with Timbeter, […]

Project to implement Timbeter in Costa Rica expands to more sectors and regions


The second phase of the project “Implementing Timbeter’s technology for the efficient forestry management in […]