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“Thanks to Timbeter, we lose less money”


“Thanks to Timbeter, we lose less money due to the logs being under required diameters”Timbeter […]

Diameter functionality – what’s in it?


As you probably might know already, one of the main Timbeter’s functionalities is to detect […]

Humans can measure 200 logs per hour. Timbeter can measure 280.000


Log detection algorithm now 2.5x to 3.5x faster than before Detects 280.000 logs per hour […]

What are Timbeter’s functionalities and when you should use them


When users start testing Timbeter, one of the first questions they might encounter regards the […]

How stacking quality affects measurement results


Stacking quality may have an effect on the measurement results. To avoid possible errors, just […]

Interview with Krit Sanaluck from Siam Forestry


Our team asked some questions from Krit Sanaluck from Siam Forestry, part of Siam Cement […]

Insights from the forestry industry in South Africa and volume formula


South Africa’s potential in the forestry industry has been growing year after year and, in […]

How to get started with Timbeter?


We’ve encountered a lot of interest towards Timbeter, but it seems to be a fear […]

Crunching the numbers: our first quarter statistics


We all know that statistics have a very important role in making the forestry sector […]